Take it easy with these Slow-Travel tips

It can be tempting to let your self-care routine slide on vacation. But keeping up with healthy habits while away from home can have big benefits. 

Slow Travel: tune in to the local rhythm

The idea behind the “slow movement” is simple: take more time to simply be in the present moment, and reduce distractions that take you out of it. In a world where we’re constantly encouraged to go, go, go, slowing down can seem like a welcome respite from what sometimes feel like an endless barrage of consumerism and performative social media posting.

The concept of “slow travel” is another ideology that’s gaining traction among travelers who want to visit fewer tourist traps, do less city-hopping, and have more engagement with the local community. Slowing down allows you to observe and interact with your environment in a way that is impossible if you’re too focused on checking attractions off your list. 


A welcome respite from the hustle and bustle

Taking things a little slower doesn’t mean you’re being lazy or inactive. It’s more about traveling with intention — spending time researching your destination and learning about the local customs, food, and language — rather than cramming as much “content” as possible into your trip.

Think a long, leisurely stroll through a city’s historic center, rather than a frenzied taxi ride from one photo op to the next. This kind of gentle activity is called Active Rest, and it can be a great way to connect more fully to your surroundings.

When you focus your time and attention on a place in a purposeful way, you are rewarded with a richer, more authentic experience. Relaxing your schedule and allowing your intuition to guide you through your day allows you to disconnect from the demands of a packed schedule and follow your body’s natural rhythms, which is a big part of physical and mental wellbeing.


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Shake up your routine, keep the healthy rituals

While you don’t have to abide by your usual day-to-day schedule while on vacation, it’s a good idea to stick to some of the well-being rituals you use at home to keep yourself on an even keel. Sometimes trips can feel more tiring than refreshing because we skimp on sleep, eat too much, or overindulge in alcohol — all common vacation behaviors that can leave us feeling drained.

Staying balanced while away from home could mean:

  • Eating enough nutrient-rich food that makes you feel good
  • Staying hydrated
  • Taking a moment to check in with yourself each morning to decide what you need, both mentally and physically

Of course, ice cream is also encouraged — you’re on vacation, after all! 

In the end, it’s all about balance. Whether you’re spending a month or just a weekend away, take the opportunity to not only disconnect from the daily grind, but let yourself truly enjoy and appreciate the unique magic of your destination.


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Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels
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