Avoid vacation hangover: ensure a happy homecoming

Avoid vacation hangover: ensure a happy homecoming - Ostrichpillow

Vacations are supposed to energize you. So why do you feel down after time away? Activity-packed days and not enough rest could be to blame.

Why do we experience vacation hangover?

Have you ever returned from a trip feeling more tired than before your departure? You’re not alone. This phenomenon is called the post-vacation blues, and it’s a common experience. You might feel down in the dumps for the first few days back at home for a few reasons:
  • Over-full days of activities and sightseeing
  • Not enough sleep
  • Jet lag
  • Being overwhelmed by your to-do list
  • Feeling like there’s nothing to look forward to

Studies have shown that many people feel happier before their trip than they do afterward. This could be due to anticipation of the trip and their impending time off from work, school, and the daily routine. Many travelers tend to pack their trip with nonstop, back-to-back activities and travel in order to maximize their time off, but this can be more stressful than relaxing.

Consider exploring slow travel to help you feel more calm and connected during your time away. Planning ahead for interruptions in your body’s rhythm, like jet lag, can help you feel better during your trip as well as upon your return.

Getting back into the swing of things can be difficult — but there’s a few things you can do to make your re-entry to normal life a little easier.

Avoid vacation hangover: Take a Rest day to find your footing - Ostrichpillow

Take a Rest day to find your footing

If you return home from a trip Sunday evening, getting yourself back to the office Monday morning can seem like an impossible feat. Rather than trying to dive into your overflowing inbox and tackle everything on your to-do list the first day back, try to take an extra day off (or come home a day early) to slowly ease back into your restorative rituals.

This might look like giving yourself a self-care day to rest, sleep in, unpack, and generally get things in order so that when you do crack open your laptop, you feel re-energised to return to your balanced routine.

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Stay ahead of the post-holiday mood dip

Another technique to keep the post-vacation blues at bay?
  • Do some pre-planning to make sure your return goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Clean up your space before you leave so you’re not faced with a mess when you get home.
  • Or make sure the freezer and pantry are stocked enough to avoid a frenzied trip to the grocery store.
As for that “nothing to look forward to” sensation?
  • Get something exciting on the calendar to help alleviate the feeling that the fun is over.
  • A night out or a get-together with friends to share your camera roll might be just the thing to help you transition back into the day-to-day — while still appreciating your most recent adventure.
Still feeling those post-vacation blues?
Read your way around the world to get some inspo for your next getaway. There’s no shortage of destinations to explore — and there’s nothing like the anticipation of your next trip.

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